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He deserves credit for continuing onto Paris, but he showed that this was one Tour too many for his 38-year-old body. He’ll now go home facing the specter of a federal investigation into doping allegations by former teammate Floyd Landis. Undoubtedly not the 2010 Armstrong was envisioning as he stood on the final podium in Paris last year.That replica Omega 1886.79.40 watch Contador was able to win while not at his best should put even more fear into his rivals. Whats more, this years route—heavy on mountains on light on time trials—perfectly suited Schleck. Contador has now won every Tour hes entered—his team was left out of the 2008 edition—along with one Vuelta and one Giro. At just 28, he certainly has Armstrongs mark of seven Tour wins within his sights.—John Bradleyjohnwbradley

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Behind the sprinters, Contador and Schleck finished safely in the main bunch to bring an end to their tense Tour battle It was the most difficult of Contador’s wins so far, and, thus, Schleck’s best chance to date. But a dropped chain at a crucial moment in replica Omega 2317.30 watch the Pyrenees cost Schleck valuable time and left him unable to capitalize on Contador’s uncharacteristically poor showing in yesterday’s time trial. In the end, the 39 seconds Schleck lost with that mechanical mishap was Contador’s final margin of victory after three weeks of racing. Russian Denis Menchov, a winner of two Vueltas and a Giro, rounded out the podium, finishing 2:01 behind Contador in the overall.

RadioShacks Chris Horner was the highest placed American, finishing 10th overall. (Full results.)Lance Armstrong brought his Tour career to an unspectacular end, finishing 106th today and 23rd overall, 39:20 behind Contador. It’s easy to forget, but Armstrong started this Tour strongly, finishing fourth in the opening prologue, ahead of both replica Omega 4370.71 watch Contador and Schleck. But from the moment he suffered an untimely flat on the tough cobbles of Stage 3, the American seemed like an entirely different rider. cheek remarks, as well as Pelicans warranty, including even those terrible situation! Now this is a durable case! Tags: an, case, existence, indestructible, of, the

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Alberto Contador won the 2010 Tour de France on Sunday and stepped up on the podium to claim his prize. For more videos, including a look back at this year's race, check out Versus.--Joe Springjoespring Alberto won his third Tour de France on Sunday as the race concluded with the traditional run-in to Paris. In a surprise to no one, Mark replica Omega 2224.80 watch Cavendish won on the Champs Elysees for the second year in a row—the first rider to do so—giving him five stage wins this year to go with the six he collected in 2009.Italy’s Alessandro Petacchi finished second to hold onto his narrow lead over Cavendish in the points standings and take the final green jersey.

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No injuries were reported.The Indians demanded that the government help negotiate a deal with the construction company, which was not available for comment but has been in touch with a local administrator with the governments agency of indigenous affairs. The aim was to define a community development program for the local native replica Omega 3534.70 watch Indians.The Dardanelos dam on the Aripuana river is one of nearly a dozen that President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvas administration has been promoting in the Amazon region. --Michael Webster


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Photograph by Mike Bowler via FlickrIf you happen to live in Bulgaria, you can do something useful with your old Christmas treeif it came from a forestinstead of throwing it away. You can send it to zoos in the country, where it will be used as replica Tag Heuer The Link watches fodder for the animals, The Sofia Echo reports. Your old ornament hanger can go towards feeding such endangered species as Przewalskis horses (see photo). But if youre more partial to bison, rest assured that they are big fans of Christmastree chow, too.Aileen Torres

Vail Mountain and the U.S. Forest Service are running a joint sting operation to detect and nab instructors and guides who work on the mountain without a license, the Denver Post reports. So far, 12 people have been taken down. They face federal charges, up to $5,000 fines, and a lifetime ban from skiing at any of the five Vail Resorts. "Our big replica Tag Heuer Tommy Hilfiger watches message that we try to get across is that this is for public safety," Don Dressler of the U.S. Forest Service said. "We permit people who are licensed and insured and properly trained. I can understand the economics of the situation, and we sympathize, but we need to protect the public."Aileen TorresI think one of James Bonds best unsung talents was eluding bad guys on skis.

In honor of 007s schralping capabilities, I put together three of his best skichase scenes for your viewing pleasure. My vote for top honors is The Spy Who Loved Me, which features an impressive B.A.S.E. jump before it was even invented. Hell, Shane replica Tag Heuer Tommy Hilfiger Chronograph watches McConkey even made a spoof of it!1. The Spy Who Loved Me. Check out early B.A.S.E.jumping footage!2. For Your Eyes Only. Ok, this one is a little long (start around 3:40) but Roger Moore skiing the bobsled track is impressive.3. The World Is Not Enough. Its dubbed in French but lets be honest, youre not watching for the dialogue.Kate Siber